The Wild Coast

Sailing the Wooly Bay

A Stop At Elredd

Now in Pelgaryn the group planned their next steps. They had let the hired thugs go free and has used wizardcraft to ensnare the mind of Gil, their leader. Gil, when plied with wine and charming friendship, revealed much of the organization of the slavers to the group. With this information in mind they planned their next steps. There was a merchant cog in harbour at Pelgaryn and it was available for hire. The question was: To go to Elredd or to travel to Highport.

Valshea believed and argued to travel straight to Highport. Ander wanted to stop in Elredd and do some investigating, after all, there were powerful lords of the slavers there. They discussed the issue. Ander provisionally agreed to settle for going straight to Highport but they wanted to throw off the slavers and booked passage to Elredd. At sea they approached the Captain. With the help of a large amount of gold they convinced him to go a little further and sail to Highport after Elredd.

The sea voyage was rough but at least they were not attacked by pirates or slavers. When they arrived in Elredd Ander once again broached the idea of a scouting mission to gather some information from the slaver bosses. Valshea was convinced and of course Gerbo was enthusiastic. They also noticed a sailor who had recently joined the ship’s crew head off into the city. They followed him at a distance. He led them to a bar/inn called the ‘Broken Rudder’.

Gerbo followed him inside while Valshea and Pale Eye waited out front. Ander circled around to cover the back exit. They waited, tense, for the explosion of violence that followed Gerbo everywhere.

The explosion didn’t happen. Gerbo had followed the sailor upstairs and eavesdropped unsuccessfully. He let himself into an empty room and gestured to Valshea on the street. She in turn collected Ander and they surreptitiously went through the Inn and moved up stairs. They tried the door that Gerbo had listened at. Locked. Gerbo knocked and called out something about a wench. They heard swords being drawn inside. Fuck it. Gerbo kicked open the door.

Two savage men, potential bosses from their appearence, stood inside and their compatriots lurked beside the entrance. One carried a scimitar, one a battleaxe. Ander led off with words that had the power of mind bending enchantment behind them but the big fellow shrugged his mind trickery off. Gerbo then went all in on the battle axe man. Pale Eye went after the scimitar man. The fighting was quick and brutal. Blood flew. Valshea used her elf-magic to paralyse the huge bearded man. Gerbo kept brutally slashing at him and he tumbled down to the ground. Ander turned him mind magics to the scimitar mand and ensnared his mind. The man started gesturing to his companions to lower their weapons as Gerbo savagely beat the bearded man to death.

Just then a curtain was whisked aside in the back of the room. A robed man strode out and gestured. A shimmering blue portal appeared. He grabbed the ensorcelled scimitar man and pushed him through and the portal closed. One of the thugs threw down his weapon and put his hands up. Pale Eye ran the other one through the heart with his Rapier and pinned him to a wall. Gerbo finished beating the bearded warrior man to death in his savage fury. They quickly searched the room finding papers hidden in secret places. They dumped everything into Valshea’s wondrous sack. It was a leather sack that appeared to carry 15 pounds of

In the distance they could hear people calling for the watch. They decided to spike the door shut and Pale Eye lowered them all out the window on a rope and them jumped down from the 3rd story to follow. He executed a really nifty combat roll on his landing to the admiration of his crew. He also hid his sore ankle well.

The hightailed it back to the ship. It wasn’t ready to sail. They rousted the crew out of the various dives they were in and bribed them with many gallons of rum. A drunken trip to Highport ensued. Extra rum rations all around!

Highport. Never was there a more wretched hive of scum and villany. Once the jewel of the Pomarj it had become a terrible place in the decades since the humanoids conquered it. As they tied up at dock the whole stinking expanse of half ruined buildings lay before them like a diseased carpet.

Valshea stood on the ship and surveyed the scene. They were closer to the cancerous heart of the slavers. They had come a long way from Namburil.


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