The Wild Coast

Synopsis for Gerbo

  • found target to be a fortress led by Markessa, who performs foul experiments on her slaves
  • decided not to recruit a potentially untrustworty cleric of Gruumsh to help us
  • scouted fortress after finding an escapee
  • fortress determined to be insanely bristling with defenses. pairs of hobgoblins patrolling spaced 60’ and purpleish “dogs” on the corners with scent. ballistae. many troops. outerwall, inner wall. madness.
  • however, of course we proceeded. entered up the poop chute. passed through a haunted area. snuck through lightly watched outer yard and under portcullis
  • impossible to cross main courtyard, it would be like trying to cross the Berlin Wall. Decided to enter garrison bldg on inner wall hoping to use silence and the small cuisinart to “acquire” hobgoblin costumes and wear them into the main building.
  • two silences in, after a tactical error on Ander’s part…well, lack of courage, since he did think of what actually needed to be done, which was kick open door from silenced area, run into the midst of the enemy on the other side to cast silence thus potentially sacrificing himself to keep the team on mission. but he didn’t do this and everything went south. the alarm was raised as was furious combat.
  • at the last moment, heartbeats before the gathered enemy stormed the room the group stood bloody and panting in, Ander thought of a final play: to have his newly friendly hobgoblin lieutenant meet them at the main building to let them in and to take them to Markessa. The group would escape their imminent deaths by using his most powerful lyricisms to turn invisible. All four could do this. But Valshea thought of a variant which was to have two “surrender” to the charmed lieutenant and two to turn invisible. The lieutenant would take his prisoners to Markessa
  • with no time for further planning the deed was done (Valshea revealed that she carries around manacles), and to everyone’s surprise the plan worked. Minutes later the lieutenant was leading them into the heart of the fortress.
  • this didn’t work perfectly as his lies failed when they tried to pass through a barracks room and bloody combat broke out again. Pungu fell but victory was seized, and Pungu who did not bleed out was brought back to consciousness.
  • After a short breather the group faces what may be be the last hour of their existence. A time for prayer and reflection and the girding of loins.


OR, shorter:

“Who put the elf-woman in charge?”

Sotto voce:

’We’re all going to die, man, we’re all going to die’

Synopsis for Gerbo

eeeee, two nights left until D-Day.

Synopsis for Gerbo
Anatexis polroger

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