Human Cultures of the Flanaess

The Baklunish
The Baklunish people are mostly the northwestern regions of the Flanaess in Zeif, Ull, Ekbir and the Tiger Nomads. Their skin is golden and their eyes are most commonly green or gray-green with gray and hazel less frequent. They are split into two major groups. Nomadic heardsmen and farmers and traders. The Baklunish people have golden skin, and tend toward grey or green eyes and dark hair.

Somewhat like the Suel, the Baklunish tend toward magic as well. They are known for inventing new elemental spells. Their reputation for magic is due to the Rain of Colorless Fire that the Baklunish loosed upon the Suel Imperium a millennium ago.

The Flannae
These are considered the original peoples of eastern Oerik. This is where the term Flanaess has come from. This group of people were originally nomads with probably no permanent cities. They were scattered throughout the Flanaess by the Suel and Oeridians a thousand years ago. Most Flanne are bronze in skin tone and have dark wavy or curly hair. Their complexions can be from a lighter coppery color to deep brown and their hair is usually black but also can be dark brown or brown.

Nations and states that identify with Flan heritage are the Duchy of Tenh (which claim to be pure Flan and immensely proud of that fact), Geoff, Sterich, Rovers of the Barrens, Stonehold, and the Theocracy of the Pale. The early Flannae were peaceful nomads and travelled the land seasonally. They lived off the land and held nature in high regard. Today some of the pureblooded Flanne show many characteristics of their ancestors. They prefer the open outdoors to cities and tend to have habits such as planting a tree next to the door of their home. If that tree should die or fall sick it could mean the family should move or some sort of evil influence is about.

The Oeridians
When the Oeridians came to the Flanaess from the west they eventually took what is now Furyondy, Perrenland, the Shield Lands, the Great Kingdom of North Aerdy, the South Province, Onnwal and Sunndi. They are harder to distinguish from other races since their skin ranges from tan to olive and hair from honey- blonde to black. Brown and auburn are the most commonly seen colors of hair and their eyes can be of every known color, but mostly brown or gray. What makes the Oeridians notable is their choice of clothing. They like things such as plaid and checks and such.

The Oeridians were fierce warriors and conquerors by nature. The Oerids are olive-skinned, and tend toward dark hair and eyes. They tend to take charge and follow orders even willing to sacrifice everything for the cause they are currently involved in. They put much emphasis on combat and are always striving to better tactics by improving weapons and armor as well as inventing new types of arms, magical armor and magical combat spells.

The Rhennee
The Rhennee are a group of people that supposedly aren’t even native to Oerth. They may have come to the land from another plane although they cannot remember what it was like only that it was vastly different than the Flanaess in a place called Rhop.

At first they could be taken as Oeridians since they have much of the same physical appearance with tan to olive skin and black to dark brown hair. Their eyes are usually brown, gray or hazel. They are a small built people, males rarely averaging above 5’6", but are strong.

They live on the waterways mostly with whole clans of families living on barges. They tend make their living by transporting goods and people. The head of a family is a matriarch, but all other women are looked at a bit lower. The matriarch is usually a fortune teller and predictor of weather. There is no formal marriage in Rhennee society so men usually have many wives. The men tend to be proud and aggressive to a non-Rhennee male that would look favorably toward one of his women. Very rarely do Rhennee mix outside of their race.

The customs they keep tend to be a bit strange to outsiders and the Rhennee don’t seem to mind. They tend to walk more along the lines of neutrality than to any good or evil, but recently some have taken up with evil cults such as Vecna and Iuz.

The Suloise
No one knows what the ancient homeland of the Suel was like. It was destroyed by the Rain of Colorless Fire turning it into the desert called the Sea of Dust. They say there is treasure of the ancient cities of the Suel there, but the climate is not very nice.

These are the fairest skinned of all the races of the Flanaess, almost being albino. Their eyes can be from pale blue and violet through deep blue and sometimes gray. Their hair ranges in the strawberry blondes, yellows and platinum. The barbarians to the north, Ice, Frost and Snow are examples of perfect Suel blood. They are also located in the Duchy of Urnst, islands off the coast of the Flannaess, and the Scarlet Brotherhood on the Tilvanot Peninsula.

The Suel have strong family ties as well as a strong bond for ancestral heritage. They are pale-skinned, and tend toward blue eyes and blond, white or red hair. They are short tempered and opinionated to the point that there is a popular saying the Flanaess that says, “when all the Suloise have left the table,” meaning nothing will get accomplished until everyone has an opened mind with the matter at hand.

They tend to be very dexterious and most tend toward magic. The Suel have a long line of wizardry and production of powerful magic finally producing the Invoked Devastation that destroyed the Baklunish Empire from the Suel Imperium.

Human Cultures of the Flanaess

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