Ruler: “Baron” Janstin
Population: 2900

Narwell.pngNarwell is the oldest of the Wild Coast cities. It was founded as the settlement of Naer’s Well some forty years after the Rain of Colourless Fire by Naer, a wandering priest of Phyton, the Suel god of nature and farming. Almost immediately, Naer’s Well (or Narwell as it later became known) gained notoriety as a home to vicious bandits and highwaymen. Landlocked and far from the lucrative trade routes that saw upstart cities such as Greyhawk prosper and grow, Narwell relied as much on brigandage as it did on honest trade. Like the rest of the Wild Coast, it remained a lawless backwater for centuries, ruled over by petty tyrants and robber barons whose might alone secured their rights.

Narwell is more open and spacious than neighboring Safeton. It is surrounded by a wooden stockade. It has its share of dishonest folk, but they tend to be wilier and more subtle than the brutish Safeton thugs.

Recently, Narwell has benefitted from increased trade, as merchants take advantage of the new northern road to Dyvers, and avoid the higher tariffs and duties charged by the free city of Greyhawk.


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