Other Races of Mid-Western Flanaess

Elves (The Olvenfolk)
Elves had inhabited the Flanaess long before the Baklunish-Suloise wars and the subsequent intrusion of Oerid and Suel peoples. The newcomers forced the elves to retreat from the plains into their forest strongholds, and they have remained there ever since. High elves and Sylvan elves primarily inhabit the areas around Highfolk, although other elven subraces do exist in other areas of the Flanaess. High elves have pale skin and dark hair, and typically have green eyes. They are slight of build and stand about five feet tall on average.

Dwarves (The Dwurfolk)
Dwarves are a steadfast people that inhabit the underground reaches of hills and mountains of the Flanaess. Although they keep to themselves for the most part, dwarves have ever been loyal allies against giant and humanoid invasions no matter where they live. Near Bissel, dwarves are mainly found in the Lortmil Mountains and their lesser cousins, the Lorridges. Dwarves are broad-shouldered and muscular, with stocky builds. They stand about 4 feet tall, are always bearded, and have earthy skin tones.

Gnomes (The Noniz)
Gnomes prefer more open country than their cousins the dwarves, being found in the hills and forests of the land. They do make their homes underground for the most part, but do not delve as deep as the dwarves, nor remain underground for the better part of their days. As with the dwarves, gnomes near Bissel are found in the Lorridges and the Northern Lorridges, the latter being allied with Highfolk. Gnomes are smaller and slighter than dwarves, and have wood-coloured skin (light ash to dark oaken tones).

Halflings (The Hobniz)
Halflings live in the gentle grassland hills of the Sheldomar valley, keeping mainly to themselves unless disturbed. A subrace of halflings (Tallfellows) live amongst the elves of Highfolk and are commonly seen in that area. The more common Hairfoots are mostly located near the Lorridges in Bissel, where they have established small burrow communities. Halflings stand only half as high as humans, and sport a light covering of hair over most of their body. They have tanned skin and tend towards dark hair and eyes. Tallfellows are often fairer, and stand roughly 6 inches taller than their more earthy cousins.

Other Races of Mid-Western Flanaess

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