Suss Forest

The Suss is a dreary place, full of thorn trees, brambles, briars, and thickets. Its massive trees are black with age, and seem to whisper and talk amongst themselves when an interloper dares to pass beneath. Some claim that ripples of waving leaves and moving branches’ can be seen in the path of those entering the place, but this is unproven.

The western end of the forest is of a different nature than the rest. Where it grows upon the Lortmil Mts. the woodlands are open and clean, but east of the Jewel River their character becomes foreboding and hateful. The farther south one goes, the worse the forest becomes, until it is filled with an oppressive and evil atmosphere where it climbs the Drachensgrab hills.

The humanoid bands of the Pomarj, particularly kobolds, orcs, and gnolls, seem to love this forest, and many hundreds are known to dwell within its depths alongside the native gibberlings, ettercaps and susserus. They likewise use it as a highway to move northward to raid in the Wild Coast, Celene, or even the Ulek states and into Verbobonc. The folk of the Wild Coast at one time made concerted efforts to clear the Suss, and managed to drive its verge back several leagues. Due to the disappearance of timbering parties and the threat of marauding humanoids, such operations are now infrequent.

The edges of the Suss are watched closely by the petty nobles and lordlings of the Wild Coast. A lost, ruined city of the Old Suloise is said to be hidden somewhere in the Suss forest, but few dare to venture on such a quest.

Suss Forest

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