Widely Worshipped Gods


Ehlonna: forests, woodlands, flora & fauna and fertility
Heironeous: chivalry, justice honor war, daring and valor
Pholtus: light, resolution, law, order, inflexiblity
Pelor: sun, light, strength and healing
St. Cuthbert: common sense, wisdom, zeal, honesty, truth and discipline
Trithereon: individuality, liberty, self-defense and retribution
Zagyg: humour, eccentricity, occult lore and unpredictability

Beory: Oerth Mother, nature and rain
Boccob: magic, arcane knowledge, balance and foresight
Celestian: stars, space and wanderers
Fharlanghn: travel, roads, horizons and distance
Istus: fate, destiny, divination, future and honesty
Obad-hai: nature, woodlands, freedom, hunting and beasts
Olidammara: music, revels, wine, rogues, humor and tricks

Hextor: war, discord, massacres, conflict, fitness, tyranny
Iuz: deceit, pain, oppression and evil
Erythnul: hate, envy, malice, panic, ugliness and slaughter
Incabulos: plague, sickness, famine, nightmares, drought and disasters
Nerull: death, darkness, murder and the underworld
Ralishaz: chance, ill luck, misfortune and madness


Corellon Larethian: magic, arts & crafts, music and war
Sehanine (Moonbow): mysticism, dreams, far journeys, death and transcendence
Aerdrie Faenya: air, weather, avians, rain and fertility
Erevan Ilesere: mischief, change and rogues
Labelas Enoreth: time, longevity, philosophy and teaching
Hanali Celanil: romance, beauty and love
Solonor Thelandira: hunting, archery, survival


Moradin: creation, smithing, craftsmanship and war
Clangeddin Silverbeard: battle, valor, bravery and honor
Berronar Truesilver: defense, safety, truth, home and healing
Dumathoin: mining, underground exploration and secrets
Vergadain: merchants, wealth and luck
Muamman Duathal: wanderers, travelers and lightning
Dugmaren Brightmantle: scholarship, discovery and invention


Garl Glittergold: protection, humor, trickery, gemcutting and smithing
Baervan Wildwanderer: travel, forests and nature
Baravar Cloakshadow: illusions, protection and deception
Flandal Steelskin: mining, fitness, smithing and craftsmanship
Gaerdal Ironhand: protection, vigilance and combat
Segojan Earthcaller: deep earth and underground creatures


Yondalla: protection and fertility
Arvoreen: protection, vigilance and war
Brandobaris: stealth, thievery and adventure
Cyrrollalee: home, friendship and trust
Sheela Peryroyl: nature, agriculture and weather
Urogalan: earth and death

Widely Worshipped Gods

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