Capital: None, but several major towns: Safeton (4,600), Narwell (2,900), Fax (6,700), Badwall (5,200), Elredd (8,400)
Population: 150,000 +(?)
Demi-humans: Many
Humanoids: Many
Resources: None outstanding

The western shores of the Sea of Gearnat have long been called the Wild Coast, for the region has been a haven for malcontents, dissidents, demi-humans, humanoids, and the outcasts of other states. It is a fair but not particularly fertile area -rolling countryside interspersed with woodlands, fens, and scattered clusters of dwellings. Parts of the Gnarley Forest, all of the Welkwood east of the Jewel River, and Suss Forest are considered as being in this region. The Wild Coast remains a free territory comprised of petty nobles, robber barons, guildheld towns, fishing and forest villages, freebooters, mercenaries, and displaced persons of all sorts, This is due to the remote and isolated position it holds, its lack of resources, and the fact that it has never been a desirable position strategically. Portions of the area have been tinder the control of Celene, the Prince of Ulek, the Gynarch of Hardby, and the Free City of Greyhawk at various times. The inhabitants, being of a mind otherwise, have always managed to regain their freedom.

There is no question that the Wild Coast is known throughout the Flanaess as a place of sanctuary albeit a highly dangerous one, filled with adventure at the very least. Its racially mixed-peoples are well known as mercenaries and adventurers themselves. The area gives rise to many outstanding clerics, fighters, magic-users, and thieves. Legendary natives of the Wild Coast include such persons as Mordenkainen, Robilar, and Tenser, to name but a few.

Tales relate that somewhere within the Suss there exists a lost city of the Old Suloise from which the Jewel River gained its name. It has never been found, and the legend is highly doubtful. Since the Pomarj has been in the control of rapacious humanoids, the southern portions of the Wild Coast have been less than wholesome in any event, and expeditions into the Suss Forest have not been attempted of late for obvious reasons.


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