The Wild Coast

Ander and Valshea

With a sigh Ander pulls his hand off the Harp and visions of wild dancing vanish from his mind. He turns to Valshea and quietly says. ‘I have an idea…’

He is trying hard as usual to keep his eyes on her beautiful face.

‘I think I can turn my words to shape disguises for myself just as you do. We could try to use their strength against them. We each change into one of them that we’ve seen – me, perhaps Blackthorn, you Markessa (assuming her double was very similar). We go to one corner of the fort and tell them that the outer wall has defected and that they are to attack immediately…. or something along those lines. We find out where the slaves are kept, and assuming they are below, which I think they are, we set the upper fort ablaze. Then we free the slaves and arm them.

These are the principles of my idea. We could use this to get ourselves to Markessa now as well of course. It would be ideal to have her distracted or dealt with before we free the slaves. Thoughts?’


Ander also suddenly wonders if Blackthorn has conveniently left his diary describing his secret plans in this room. Are there any desks/hiding places etc? He looks.

Ander and Valshea

Also did we not get a bunch of documents from Markessa’s bedroom? Or did we leave everything there? If we took, Ander scans through looking for something useful

Ander and Valshea

Valshea says “Great minds think alike, Ander – and so do ours!”.

She uses Ingir’s incredible senses to make sure the room is free of unseen watchers. Dragons are good for that.

“My mind had wandered along similiar paths. My question is how do we handle Blackthorn. I think he must be powerful. Here’s the problem: If we just go attack Markessa with him he will hold back, let us take the brunt and when the fight is over he will attack us immediately. It’s what I would do. Then he can hold us up as the interlopers who did the deed. I was thinking we could either A) Have him lead us to Markessa and then shout something like ‘Milady! This rebel scum seeks to overthrow you!’ and attack Blackthorn until he is dead. The benefit of this is he won’t expect it and Na’Pungu can get his massive strike. Also, Markessa probably will NOT hold back her attacks and then we can finish HER off after the fight. or B) convince him to tell us the way, pretend to go leave to fight her and then bugger off. Go to ground. Hide. Hit and run. Keep talking to different factions, etc…. Benefit of this is… We play OUR game, not Blackthorn’s. And we don’t get ambushed by him, essentially we take the initiative.

What think you all?

Ander and Valshea
Anatexis polroger

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