The Wild Coast

The Killing Grounds

Gutting the Slaver's Stockade

Blackthorn Returns
When the gaunt man opened the door with his hirsute followers the party knew it was time. Blackthorn, all seven feet of him, led the group toward the slave pens. While Gerbo and Valshea stood guard at a southern exit, Blackthorn led Ander and Pale Eye to where some orcish guards stood watch. He engaged the orcs in talk and then brought his wicked glaive to bear. His hirsute threesome arched their backs and soon were replaced by horrifying hairy black man-wolves. Loup-Garou. They were mad with blood lust and fell upon the orcs alongside Blackthorn and Pale Eye and Ander.
Three of the orcs tried to fight their way past Gerbo and Valshea but it was for naught. Soon the orcs were dead. The slaves called out piteously but the party steeled themselves against their pleas. They did open the gates to the Cavelings. If they came out of their warrens it would like to massive chaos.
Blackthorn guided them back into the long hall and the crew stalked to the south. There was a feeling of power. In truth, together they were very dangerous. They approached some barricades the goblins had built. It was time to sow more chaos and confusion. Blackthorn talked to the goblin guards and asked them to summon their Witchdoctor. They did and when she arrived and began to walk away Blackthorn gave Ander the nod. Ander turned around and blasted the witchdoctor with a spell. The fight was on. The Witch doctor reacted quickly and turned herself invisible and ran away. Valshea stepped forward and gestured. A small mote of fire streaked out and then detonated in the midst of the goblin barricades. They were burned to a crisp.
The others surged forward to chop down a few survivors. A team chased down the invisible witch doctor to a dead end and the wolf men ripped her to shreds. The pieces were falling into place. Now they approached Markessa’s Laboratory. A fight broke out at the door-two orcs went down hard under the claws of the Loup Garou and the vigorous stabbing of Pale Eye. Blackthrown threw open the final door and Valshea rushed in. A huge chamber lay before her. It was some sort of massive laboratory thick with goblins. A powerful man in black armor with a covered visor stood close to her. Down in the workshop proper a beautiful elf woman operated on a screaming malformed victim. This must be Markessa.
Valshea shrugged off a flurry of thrown knives and goblin arrows and cast a spell on Markessa. A 5’ diameter ball of flame roared into life and lightly singed the evil elf. Then Ander entered. “Operation Cinder!” Valshea yelled. Ander shook his head. Instead he gestured and a massive swarm of raven sprung into being and mobbed Markessa. Blood flew. Blackthorn entered along with Pale Eye and the wolfmen and battle was joined. The upper balcony where they were was a swirling melee. Some of the humans there shuddered and turned into evil ratmen. Markessa attempted to cast a spell but Valshea used her powerful magics to block it. Markessa made a decision and ran. Then Gerbo entered. He dodged through many swinging swords and his furious legs took him close to Markessa. He threw a javelin and it went clean through a goblin, killing it in a fell stroke. Valshea pursued too and moved the flaming sphere to follow Markessa. She tried to weave a spell of holding on Markessa but her wards shattered it. Markessa ran down a dark corridor and put up a wall of stone behind her. Gerbo charged the wall and went straight through. Of course an elf would try to trick the mind with illusions – Valshea does it all the time. Valshea ran through too and the swarms of crows followed. The two of them plus the crows tore into Markessa who stumbled and swatted her way. Gerbo finally ran up to her and chopped her down in one massive blow.
Behind them Ander was found himself exposed to goblin archers and got hit by many arrows. NaPungu Pale Eye struck Icar the blind warrior, districting him and gave Ander breathing room to retreat to the corner. Ander called out mind bending taunts to the powerful evil fighter Icar. NaPungu and Blackthrorn chopped the man down like a side of beef. The goblins ran and scattered. Gerbo and Valshea came back to the room and Ander brought back his crows to kill. The battle was effectively over. The Ratmen surrendered to Blackthorn. The loup-garou surged out to hunt down the escaped goblins. No one would speak of what transpired here. Now they were all bonded in blood.
While Pale Eye and Gerbo searched Ander and Valshea talked about the terms of employment with Blackthorn. Then they went and looted Markessa’s quarters and got down to resting and making plans. They moved into some quarters vacated by the dead. They had much work to do.


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