na'Pungu Pale Eye

A black man with scarred face and one grey eye


Though he speaks the common tongue of men, it is clearly a language learned later in life. His strange accent is hard to place. Coupled with his exotic and scarred appearance, this lean ebon skinned man makes regular folk uneasy.

The grey eye is a result of minor albinism, though he has only a few pale skin patches. Despite his proper polite demeanor, interactions with commoners are often awkward.

Rarely exhibiting much emotion, it is surprising when a brief smile or act of kindness is shown to small children.


Bought from a slaver, the scrawny dark skinned boy was initially somewhat of a disappointment to the guildmaster. The child simply didn’t have the light fingers or charming mannerisms as the other young pickpockets. But after observing a few fistfights between the children in his crew, he saw another use for the boy. The underfed kid could fight. Lord he could fight. With training and strict guidance, the master thief knew the child could grow to be a valuable asset. As an enforcer.

na'Pungu Pale Eye

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