Suramen Ustwill

Lord of Trobridge


He keeps his head shaved close to hide his receding hairline. His eyes are set too close together to be considered attractive.

Harsh but fair. Expects proper deference and respect from his inferiors.


Lord Ustwill believes it is his mandate to keep his land free from evil by any means necessary. He has recently increased the bridge toll on foreigners to pay for more men to guard the roads, as there have been reports of evil humaniods once again roaming the forests.

He is concerned that the hills and hidden valleys west of Namburil are harbouring bandits and raiders.

He hired the adventurers to hunt down some goblins that had been terrorizing travelers on the road east to Corustaith. Though they were successful in eliminating the threat, Lord Ostwill was offended by their lack of respect for his position, and their greedy mercenary nature.

Suramen Ustwill

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