The Wild Coast

Sleeping with the Enemy?

The adventurers spend an uncomfortable night in Blackthorn’s quarters. Beyond the door they can occasionally hear the tramp of heavy booted feet, or slamming doors, and guttural voices shouting commands. The inhabitants of the fort are on alert, searching for the intruders.

Surprisingly, the group is not discovered. Eventually the commotion dies down – Blackthorn must be holding up his end of the bargain – and everyone is able to get some rest.

Blackthorn returns as the group finishes resting. With him are 3 hirsute, muscular men wearing nothing but loose kilts, and apparently unarmed.

“Markessa was most upset. She ordered a room-by-room search of the entire keep. Fortunately for you, she put me in charge of conducting it. The fools now believe you have either escaped through the exit tunnel, or are hiding out in the caveling lair beyond the slave cells. Barricades have been set in each location, to prevent anyone coming back that way.”

“You have also caused much chaos in the fort above. Most of the hobgoblins are dead – only a few remain, holding the curtain wall and the entrance to the keep. Apparently someone decided the hobgoblins had betrayed us and ordered them wiped out.” He looks each of you over before continuing. “I’m going to have to hire some more mercenaries to guard my keep when this is all over.”

“Markessa has returned to her laboratory, although she has more guards than before. Let us go now and make an end of her. You will all be rewarded handsomely for you assistance in this matter.” Blackthorn’s eyes flick involuntarily towards the potted plant in the corner of the room that hides the entrance to the treasure room you discovered.


Hirsute muscular men?! Werebeasts! Ander uses insight as he observes them.

Sleeping with the Enemy?
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