The Wild Coast

The Savage Tide

Blood will run

In the days that followed Ander, Gerbo, Napungu and Valshea worked hard to ‘fit in’ with the evil scum who inhabited the Slaver’s Stockade. Before long they had responsibilities and access to more information. Na’Pungu and Valshea were placed in charge of the gatehouse and given responsibilities there. They learned about the death of the hobgoblins and how the wild orcs had been given their duties on the wall. Gerbo and Ander were put in charge of a different contingent of orcs down the dungeon with orders to shore up the secret exit. The Witchdoctor was still loose and could come back.
Sure enough, she did. She slew four orcs and then Gerbo and Ander and their orc minions (and one leashed boggle) gave chase. They pursued the old hag deep into the wilderness and chased her to ground. They found what might have been an old goblin warren, too small for the others. Gerbo put a dagger in his teeth and went in, Tunnel Fighter style Before long she was casting spells at him and he was chasing her around. She was quick so he cunningly laid a trap: When she snuck in to sneak attack him he grabbed her in his iron grip and fell on her stabbing wildly. Stab Stab Stab! Before long she was dead. He quickly looted her and they went back to join the others. Ander and Gerbo were kind enough to give the Spellbook she carried to Valshea who stayed up all night studying.
Valshea had been busy herself. She gave Icar’s armor to an orcish armorer and let him measure her to resize it. For 300 gold he agreed to rush the job.
Days passed. People came and went. Orcs and gnolls were recruited to ‘join the cause’. Once Valshea had her armor and it’s modified black helmet (now with eyeholes!) they were ready for the next step. They had a hushed discussion in their private rooms while Ingir the Dragon made sure they were not being eavesdropped. They realised that their #1 goal was to save as many slaves as possible. Their #2 goal was to find the cancerous foul head of this slaver snake. When they were ready to strike (which would be any day now) they would lure Blackthorn to their private quarters and ambush him. Truth be told they were all scared of his potential. Blackthorn was a very clever and powerful person who had revealed very little about himself. Also terrifying were his lycanthropic minions.
Later in their duties Valshea and Na’Pungu noticed powerful visitors to the stockade. A woman and cloaked figure appeared and demanded entrance. She identified herself as “Slippery Keta” and the other figure said nothing. But later Valshea ensorcelled Na’Pungu so he could spy on the couple as they talked to Blackthorn. Horribly the cloaked figure had tentacles where his face should be. They congratulated Blackthorn and left the stockade to go east.
Time for action.
They gathered in their private quarters. Valshea cast a spell of invisibility on Na’Pungu and Ander. They they lured Blackthorn in as he passed by. His orc guards did not follow him in. As he entered and walked over to the table that Valshea beckoned him to Ander used his bardic magic to create a zone of silence. Valshea shut the door behind him, but awkwardly. The orcs suspected something. Na’Pungu struck. He furiously started stabbing Blackthorn. He pushed his rapier clean through his body, certainly collapsing a lung. Blood sprayed in silence. The fight was on. The group all surrounded Blackthorn in the small space and stabbed and slashed mightily. Gerbo, in particular, fought with ferocity. Ander guarded the door, which did not easily lock. After being slashed and stabbed most grievously and repeatedly Blackthorn realised the true extent of his peril. He made a break for the exit. The others slashed at him cutting him again and again. More blood. He snarled silently and tried to push Ander out of the way. Ander deftly dodged under his powerful reach and held firm and flexible at the door. Blackthorn tried to open the door as did the orcs from the other side. Ander held it firm! Gerbo then caught up with him and used Gorechild to run him through.

Ander dropped the spell and quickly cast two more spells on himself. Now he looked like Blackthorn and could speak and understand any language. Valshea put an illusion of a box over Blackthorns massive 7’ tall Ogre MAGE body. She spoke quickly to the others “We will kill them all. Every Orc, every Gnoll, every Goblin. Every slaver will die. Then we burn this place to the ground. This isn’t vengeance, it’s a reckoning!”

They opened the door and let the orcs in. The orcs saw through the whole charade. The jig was up! Battle was joined again.


Anatexis Anatexis

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