Tag: Namburil


  • Shea Lingan

    Shea is young, but is already getting hardened by the crude advances of the locals. The older women of the town sneer and whisper about her when she is out on errands, and the other barmaids are jealous of her youthful beauty.

  • Carth Lingan

    Carth bought the Rusty Golem in the Spring of this year, though he obviously has previous experience running an inn.

  • Suramen Ustwill

    Lord Ustwill believes it is his mandate to keep his land free from evil by any means necessary. He has recently increased the bridge toll on foreigners to pay for more men to guard the roads, as there have been reports of evil humaniods once again …

  • Old Creel

    "My family has lived in the area for generations - I was born not far from here. As a youth, I wandered the surrounding woods and mountains, always curious what was behind the next tree, or over the next hill. There's lots of neat old ruins and secret …

  • Brother Dunstan

    Dunstan continually tries to encourage the people of Namburil to train with weapons so that they are ready to defend themselves if threatened. Unfortunately, most of the villagers think he is an alarmist. He also preaches against the perceived threat …

  • Tongan Drake

    Tongan is one of the pillars of the small community of Namburil. He has dealings with almost all of the residents, and his honest good nature has made him very well regarded.